The Indo-American Center (IAC) is a 501(c)(3) independent, non-profit, non-partisan, free-market think-and-do tank, dedicated to strengthening values of liberty and freedom in India and the US. As a free-market think tank, IAC advances policies that lead to higher levels of transparency, economic freedom and economic growth, by reducing government-bureaucracy, eliminating redundant processes, and simplifying the tax code.

IAC is committed not just to policy-making and analysis but also to committing resources and efforts to real-world problem-solving. Our programs and projects are designed to serve immigrant communities and inner cities. IAC spearheads initiatives, in collaboration with dedicated partners, that help immigrants assimilate into American society and reinforce the importance of American values of freedom and liberty. IAC acknowledges the crucial role played by these values in differentiating America from the rest of the world and strives to uphold these ideals. In addition, IAC also organizes and facilitates training programs that tackle unemployment. By empowering individuals with the necessary skill-set and real-world tools, these individuals can concentrate on job-creation and look for ways to sustain themselves, rather than remaining dependent on government welfare.

Our organization’s committed experts, scholars and partners, through key platforms, provide innovative solutions to the challenges that adversely affect society, security, and strategy. IAC focuses on transforming ideas into action through publishing scientific and relevant research materials; hosting seminars, major conferences and scholarly roundtables; and organizing high-level briefings for legislators and members of the executive branches of government. IAC is an inclusive organization that seeks academicians, entrepreneurs, businesses, media and political leaders, university students, and the diaspora community.

IAC focuses on the foundational efforts of strengthening a competitive and vibrant market economy based on the rule of law, an independent judiciary, protection of property rights, promoting greater transparency, and ensuring security.