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C.R. Rao

C. R. Rao is one of India’s premier intellectual gems. He’s a winner of the prestigious Padma Bhushan (1968) and Padma Vibhushan (2001). Born in Madras (British India) in 1920, Rao was the eight child out of ten. From early age of 11, Rao could solve complicated arithmetical problems without a pen/paper. By his own […]

Vinay Bhat

  β€œI realized I was doing something right when the Guinness Book of World Records called, or when TV stations came to my school.”[i] -Vinay Bhat   Bhat made his final move, becoming the king of chess when he broke the USCF record in 1994 at just 10 Β½ years. He became the β€œyoungest national […]

Ami Parekh

  β€œIn order to truly make a difficult choice, you have to be OK with being different…” -Ami Parekh ParekhΒ on a long term career in competitive figure skating. Β  And that’s what made her different. The young trailblazer has changed the face of success by traveling all over the world for training and making her […]